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Global trends that supply chain management professionals must know

The annual CSCMP American Logistics Annual Report is the most authoritative research report on the development of the US logistics industry. From the macroeconomic influencing factors, to the in-depth analysis of logistics and supply chain subdivision industries, to the impact and impact of new technologies such as 5G and blockchain, to the analysis of major factors that affect future development, the 30th American Logistics Annual Report is all Industry reports that logistics and supply chain managers cannot ignore. Understanding the current and future trends of logistics and supply chain in the United States is of great forward-looking significance to China's logistics development. This issue compiles the "Supply Chain Quarterly" interpretation of the annual report, hoping to help Chinese professionals to study the report inspired. The complete Chinese version has been released, readers in need can contact the Chinese representative office

-Wang Guowen

For supply chain management professionals, 2018 is a year of difference. Everyone is trying to overcome difficulties in transportation capacity and high rates. At present, both the shipper and the carrier are trying to find a way out of the current predicament to return to the normal trajectory.

Last year, all segments of the U.S. logistics market experienced interest rate hikes and capacity constraints, which led to a 11.4% jump in the total cost of U.S. corporate logistics in 2018, reaching US$1.64 trillion, accounting for US$205,000 of US GDP 8.0% of USD 100 million

Although early warning signals were released as early as 2017 (the 29th logistics annual report), many cargo owners were surprised by the large price increase. Many cargo owners such as Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Whirpool and Coca Cola have released reports that the supply chain budget expenditure exceeded the budget in 2018, and freight costs generated profits. In view of the negative impact, for many logistics and supply chain professionals, 2018 (at least in terms of cost and capacity availability) is the most challenging year in their careers, equivalent to a flood that has not been encountered in a hundred years.

The Professional Association of Supply Chain Management (CSCMP) and Penske Logistics of the United States released the "30th Annual American Logistics Report" to describe this situation in detail. The annual report was written by global management consulting firm AT Kearney, summarizing the industry trends and logistics costs of US companies over the past year and reviewing the macroeconomic factors affecting logistics costs, and analyzing the details of each major logistics department The data also used the insights and cases of the current world-renowned companies. For shippers who are unwilling to revisit the past year, this report may make them uneasy, just like Ken Braunbach, the vice president of US transportation for large retailer Walmart ) After reading this report, he said, "It's like watching another bad movie again."

This report delves into all the components that make up the logistics cost of an enterprise and divides it into three parts: transportation costs, inventory costs, and management costs (see Figure 2 for details). The report points out that the values ​​of these three components have increased last year. In the past, the rise in logistics costs of American companies would be interpreted as a sign of a decline in the efficiency of logistics across the country. However, Michael Zimmerman of the report author AT Kearney said: "The reason for the increased cost last year is related to the inflation of the market itself."

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