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Shanghai Juyi International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is aInternational Express of Chemicals, International Express of Liquids, International Express of FEDEX, International Express of TNT, International Express of Batteries, Air Freight of Chemicals, Shanghai FEDEX, Shanghai DHL, International Express of Mobile PhonesService-oriented enterprises.

Shanghai Juyi Chemicals International Express, based on nearly 10 years of experience accumulation, integrates the advantageous resources of well-known international and domestic logistics companies, and can tailor-made preferential, fast and safe transportation for customers according to their different needs. Channels to provide customers (companies or individuals) with a full range of goods export services.

To satisfy customers, Shanghai Juyi Chemicals International Express is committed to continuously improving services, improving efficiency, and strengthening management. We always implement customer-centric, quality service as the purpose, customer requirements as the mission, and win-win cooperation for the purpose. We cherish every commission from our customers and deliver your parcels to your destination quickly, accurately and safely with high standards.

At the same time, Juyi International Express also pays attention to the cultivation of talents and regularly conducts training in modern logistics science. Through continuous learning and innovation, the company has a high-quality professional staff, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development. Breaking the traditional logistics pattern and establishing a modern logistics system are our long-term pursuits. We have vigorously invested in the construction of office automation, service informatization, operation programming, and network integration. And strengthen the introduction and investment of software and hardware facilities, so that our logistics system is truly systematic. We strive for excellence and provide customers with more excellent, more humane and more reliable services.

The company adheres to the service tenet of "saving time, effort and money" for customers. You only need one phone call, from the beginning to the end, every link will be operated with care. We will provide you with fast, high-quality, safe, accurate and professional services in good faith. Let the transmission have no distance, the service is infinitely extended, and strive to achieve "Serve you wholeheartedly, achieve your trust"...

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