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Matters Needing Attention In International Express Delivery Of Cosmetics And Other Liquids

Ladies and gentlemen, you can also send cosmetics, skin care products and mask to foreign countries via giant wing international freight. Here is a brief introduction of cosmetics and other liquid international express delivery needs to pay attention to the following:

1. cosmetics, skin care products and facial mask are sensitive items. They can only be shipped through EMS channels. Singapore and Malaysia have special channels for sensitive items to transport cosmetics and skin care products and facial mask.

2. Cosmetics and skin care products are shipped through EMS, and the customs clearance rate is up to 99%.

3. The EMS channel will be charged according to the actual weight when it is sent abroad. There is no need to calculate the volume and weight, and there is no remote cost.

4. EMS single weight limit of 30 kilograms, cosmetics, skin care products, masks are more, we recommend that each package does not exceed 15 kg, if it exceeds, it is recommended that two parcels shipped, so that we can enhance the clearance rate, reduce the risk of being opened by foreign customs inspection. If cosmetics, skin care products and mask are relatively heavy, we suggest that we should prepare several overseas sign up addresses, including parcels, batches, and sub dates.

five Cosmetics, skin care products, facial mask, if it is liquid, can be mixed with ordinary goods (clothing, shoes, books, etc.) is the proportion of liquid in the package accounted for less than 10%, pure liquid single bottle does not exceed 100ml, a single package does not exceed 200ml, we can try to help you transport (not pass the customs clearance rate), the package recommendation is controlled within 6 kilograms, if the number of sensitive goods is more, build. For details, please refer to the "common items to be sent", such as Singapore special line, Malaysia special line and Taiwan special line, which can mail pure liquid of non prohibited articles without other articles. Each package is limited to 5 kg, that is, the customs clearance rate is as high as 95%.

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