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Courier company double eleven price increase

After sharing bikes and sharing charging treasures, express delivery will also increase prices.

A few days ago, Zhongtong and Yuantong successively issued notices, announcing the adjustment of express delivery fees from November 11, and the specific price increase will be determined by local service outlets in combination with the actual situation. The reason is that the demand during the Double Eleven period is large, in order to ensure service The cost of quality, manpower and material resources in all links has risen.

As soon as the news came out, it caused worries of the "chopping hands". Will the increase in express delivery costs increase the shopping cost of ordinary consumers? "Financial World" weekly survey found that personal delivery and online shopping will also be affected.

Peak season price increase is normal, personal mail is affected

As of 16:00 on October 17th, of the "Three Links and One Express" and SF Express, only Zhongtong Express and Yuantong Express issued price adjustment announcements, and the remaining expresses did not issue corresponding notices. In response to this, the Caijingtianxia weekly contacted the customer service of the above courier companies. The customer service of several courier companies that had not issued an announcement said that they had not received a price adjustment notice and did not understand the situation in previous years.

The customer service of Zhongtong Express told the Caijing Weekly that the company has issued a price adjustment notice. During the Double Eleven this year, the cost of express delivery will indeed rise to a certain extent, but there is no notice of the specific increase rate. In addition, the customer service also stated that the express delivery fee is based on market conditions, and it is temporarily uncertain whether the price will be reduced after the double eleven. The customer service of Yuantong Express (12.870, -0.27, -2.05%) and the staff of Beijing Chaoyang Tuanjiehu outlet said that they have not yet received a notice and cannot determine whether the price will increase.

At present, at least Zhongtong Express will increase the price of personal delivery during the Double Eleven. But will the prices of the remaining companies increase? Chen Yang, an e-commerce seller from Tangshan, Hebei, gave a positive answer.

Chenyang has been doing pet supplies business on the e-commerce platform since 2017, and its main business is pet cages. It has been more than two years now. He said that every courier company will increase prices during the double eleven and double twelve annually, and prices generally start to increase from one week to half a month before and after the shopping festival. The purpose of the price increase is to limit the amount of orders issued by the merchants, and to ensure that the courier is delivered on time as much as possible. From 2018, the volume will be restricted during the Double Eleven period, and couriers with relatively large volumes cannot be sent.

Due to the distance between the express delivery company and the e-commerce seller, local transit stations, local business outlets, etc., each link will increase slightly on the basis of the price increase of the express delivery company. the price of. Therefore, it is only the "customers" of the express delivery company, that is, the e-commerce sellers and ordinary consumers, who ultimately bear the cost of the price increase.

Double Eleven is a fishing festival for e-commerce platforms and express delivery companies, a “chopping hand festival” for consumers, and a meat-cutting festival for some e-commerce sellers. "The cost of the increase in express delivery costs needs to be borne by ourselves. Last year, the cost of express delivery rose by several thousand yuan," Chen Yang told the Caijingtianxia weekly. "Double eleven (me) is losing money, especially like ours. Industry, if it is the apparel industry, it still makes money."

However, Chen Yang also pointed out that products that do not ship will pass on the increased express delivery costs to consumers. Therefore, for consumers, if they do not buy free shipping during the Double Eleven, they will pay more freight than usual. Not only that, the price increase will also vary from region to region. This point has also been affirmed by Zhongtong Express customer service.

Chenyang said that for regions with large express demand such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the increase in express delivery costs is small, while for regions with small demand such as Yunnan, Guangxi, and Tibet, the increase in express delivery costs is relatively large. Zhongtong Express customer service said that this is due to the different operating costs in different regions, so the pricing strategy is different.

Revenue increased by 3 billion yuan, shopping festival to support courier companies

Looking at the financial reports of Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda and SF Express, the seasonal performance of the express delivery industry is obvious. The five companies all showed the lowest revenues in the first quarter and rapid revenue growth in the fourth quarter.

SF Express pointed out in its 2018 annual report that the order volume of the express delivery industry exhibits strong seasonal characteristics, the peak of holiday consumption and the peak of social trade and transportation business in the fourth quarter of each year, forming a peak season for express business demand, and during the Spring Festival holiday The inactive production and operation of enterprises is the trough of the express delivery industry.

It is worth noting that from 2016 to 2018, SF Express' revenue in the fourth quarter was 17.033 billion yuan, 21.268 billion yuan and 25.502 billion yuan, respectively increased by 2.671 billion yuan, 3.603 billion yuan and 2.612 billion yuan in the third quarter of the same year. yuan. In 2018, its net profit attributable to its mother in the fourth quarter was even double that of RMB 769 million in the third quarter, reaching RMB 1.578 billion.

In addition, the express delivery company not only experienced rapid revenue growth in the fourth quarter, accounting for approximately 30% of the annual revenue. According to the statistics of Caijingtianxia Weekly, in 2018 alone, the fourth quarter revenue of Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda and SF Express accounted for 32.19%, 33.3% and 34.74 of the annual revenue respectively %, 33.26% and 28.04%.

From this point of view, the "Double Eleven" and "Double Twelve" shopping carnival concentrated in the fourth quarter has become a harvest season for the express delivery industry. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, during the Double Eleven in 2018, postal and express delivery companies across the country handled a total of 1.882 billion pieces of postal (fast) shipments, a year-on-year increase of 25.8%. On November 11, 2018, the express processing volume reached 416 million pieces, 3.2 times the daily processing volume.

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