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The customer is far away, but delivery is easier

Striving for self-improvement and pioneering spirit, our company not only took the lead in passing the national QS quality and safety certification, but also was awarded the title of "China's well-known products" by China Quality Miles. Tangren constantly undergoes technological transformation and is committed to improving product quality, striving to develop new products, walking The road of brand development. Today, it has developed into one of the largest professional enterprises integrating food processing, production and sales in the Huaihai Economic Zone.

Our company has encountered some new problems while its business is booming, that is, the problem of cargo transportation. With the increasing scope of our market development and the development of county-level markets, the transportation of goods is becoming more and more prominent. The distance is relatively long and there are not too many goods. The cost of going to a logistics company is not high. There are many places where it is difficult to find a suitable logistics company. It is difficult to find where to find it when running around; For the right vehicle, sometimes when it takes a lot of time to find the right vehicle, the customer has to return the goods. When asking the customer why the return of the goods, the customer said angrily: "You are too slow to deliver the goods." We are sometimes helpless. Our products are all food. Since the rise of various raw materials since 2008, the company's overall profit has dropped a lot, but the logistics cost in the market has risen a lot. It is really worse! The entire market has caused great pressure on the enterprise.

One day our customer from Shangqiu came to the company to negotiate the dissatisfaction with the price increase of the product. In the conversation between the two parties, when the customer knew the difficulties of our company, the customer immediately told us a "China Wutong Network", this website It is specifically for enterprises to solve the problem of cargo transportation. The customer said that some other production companies that cooperate with other companies are using this website, and the effect is very good and very convenient. Mr. Zhuang, who is responsible for the sales of our company, immediately told this website to the logistics department. The personnel of the logistics department opened the Wutong network with doubt, and registered as a member, and began to find the logistics company information and vehicle information required by the company on the website. The results of the search made the personnel of the logistics department very satisfied. It turned out that some remote "big boss" customers have found satisfactory solutions on the Internet for transportation problems. Many county-level customers can solve the problem of "direct delivery"... …

Later, the personnel of the logistics department posted the information of the source of the goods to the website according to the prompt of the customer service staff of China Wutong. As a result, the company continuously received calls to contact the source of the goods. Some logistics companies and many of them were owners. Some of them are not only strong in strength, but also very good in service. They are willing to pick up goods at the door and the prices are very reasonable. There has also been a fundamental change in the delivery of the entire vehicle. It was originally that the company sent the car to deliver the goods to the distribution station, and then went back to wait for the news of the distribution station. The price must also follow the "command" of the distribution station. It is completely different. Whenever the source of goods is posted on the Internet, you can receive a phone call from the owner to ask for the source in the factory on the same day, and the owner of the vehicle takes the initiative to load the goods in the factory, and no longer has to deliver to the distribution station. These owners are basically returning cars, and the service is particularly good. The goods are delivered to the customer's warehouse door, and the goods are not damaged at all. The customers are quite satisfied, and some customers directly call us Mr. Li, saying that the company's services are getting better and better. When we summarized in the first half of 2008, Mr. Li said, "Thanks to China Wutong Network, but also to the network information. It makes our customers far away, but it is easier to ship.

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