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How to do logistics company

Logistics refers to the planning, implementation and management of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the origin of the goods to the place of consumption of the goods through transportation, storage, distribution and other methods at the lowest cost to meet the needs of customers. The whole process. So how to do logistics companies and how to operate them will be explained in detail below.

First, you can choose to join a logistics company, accumulate experience, and understand the entire mode of logistics operation; afterwards, you can gradually create your own team, business, and operating model to form your own unique market competitiveness.

How to be a logistics company

After joining a logistics company, generally speaking, the logistics headquarters will train and guide you. However, later operations still have to rely on themselves.

1. The capital invested in the establishment of a small logistics company in the early stage, vehicles are not counted, and registered capital is not counted. At least 30,000 to 50,000 are required for various certificates, licenses, office supplies, etc. 4-6 office standards, mainly including storefronts, desks and chairs, telephone fax, computers and daily office supplies.

2. The Industry and Commerce Bureau needs a registered business license and a road transport permit, which has different requirements for cities with different registered capital

3. Logistics companies must have: business license, organization code certificate, road transportation license, if there is a vehicle, you must also apply for a vehicle operation certificate, tax registration certificate.

How to operate after establishing/joining a logistics company?

1. Learn logistics knowledge and browse the logistics forum. Crazy rich in logistics related experience.

2. Telephone marketing: Get in touch with existing resource customers by calling to expand business volume and improve service quality. The logistics industry can also be regarded as a service industry, so service attitude is very important.

3. Run the market: Most logistics companies and vehicles will be concentrated in the logistics park, and most of these logistics parks are also concentrated on or outside the urban ring, and the regions are relatively concentrated. The market share is only so large, first come first served. If you don’t go to the market, someone will go.

4. Search website: The development of the network is changing with each passing day, and network promotion has become the only way for every company and product. If you want to find more logistics information, you may find greater logistics business opportunities on the professional logistics website.

5. "Old brings new" model, maintain good customer relations, and recommend new customers by old customers, which is more intuitive and effective.

In short, logistics is a wide-ranging industry. If you want to do a good job in the logistics industry based on your own imagination, there may be limitations. The world is developing and the logistics industry is progressing. Only by combining advanced logistics models can you be your own logistics scale. getting bigger.

The above is about "how to do logistics companies, how to operate", I hope to help everyone.

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