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The international express delivery of chemicals is trustworthy

Chemicals International Expresstrustworthy!

International air freight logistics companies will have special staff responsible for booking. In the early years, they were mainly written in paper. With the development of network informatization, most air freight booking staff now use online booking methods. The cabin needs to provide detailed information of the air cargo, including volume, gross weight, quantity of cargo and type of outer packaging (mainly including: carton, iron box, card board and wooden box).

In addition to the above information, also write the name of the cargo (including Chinese and English), if the air cargo is a large cargo, you must indicate the length, width and height (unit: cm), and then determine the airline's class flag and space, if the owner There are special requirements, which need to be negotiated between the airline booking staff and the airline, and the airline determines whether it can meet the special requirements of the cargo owner.

After receiving the air waybill and air waybill, the cargo owner must carefully check it. Before the goods enter the warehouse, they must check the booking information. The operator must first check with the customer about the consignor, consignee, and airline and English cargo name information.

The operator arranges the time for the goods to enter the warehouse according to the flight situation and the preparation of the goods, and makes the connection of customs declaration data. Customers are advised to ensure that the outer packaging of the goods is consistent with the previous registration, and to keep the outer packaging intact, to avoid airlines refusing to load, whether the customs declaration information is fully prepared and whether there are random documents, and the customs declaration information and random documents must be delivered to the airport or compared with the goods. The goods should be courier to the airport customs department first.

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