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Why do you say that this is the best time for China to do e-commerce

I heard many e-commerce merchants say that e-commerce is difficult to do now. The reasons are very good, the flow dividend peaks, high labor costs, and increased competition. I said that e-commerce is getting better and better, why?

First we look at a fact. was established in 2004. In six years,’s GMV was 10.2 billion in 2010. After another four years, achieved 100 billion GMV. It took ten years before and after.

Vipshop was established in 2008, and it took ten years to reach 100 billion. Suning Tesco was established in 2009 and spent eight years to achieve 100 billion yuan.

Pinduoduo was established in 2015, and exceeded 10 billion yuan in just one year, and reached 100 billion yuan in three years. Yunji was established in 2015 and took two years to reach 10 billion.

We found that e-commerce companies exceeded 10 billion, and the time for 100 billion is constantly shortening.

If you look at it from the perspective of capital, it will become very fast now, as long as the direction is right, at least two or three years will make a tens of billions of companies. Fast means that there are actually a lot of bonuses for e-commerce companies to overtake in corners and become bigger and stronger.

In fact, many brands and e-commerce platforms can grow quickly, basically within a short time. Because he caught the tuyere and stepped on the bonus point, he flew into the sky.

And these e-commerce unicorns can fly into the sky, what do they want to fly? Actually, because the current conditions for doing e-commerce have become very mature, as the so-called "everything is ready, only owes Dongfeng", so if you step on the right bonus point, it will skyrocket. This is the reason why Ten Billion companies are getting faster and faster from establishment to take-off. Of course, there are more than 100 billion e-commerce companies, and hundreds of billions of e-commerce companies will also increase.

Therefore, e-commerce is not getting harder and harder. From the general environment, e-commerce is getting better and better, but you are doing it wrong, so it is getting harder and harder to do it.

So, what are the basic conditions for making e-commerce better and better? Why can Chinese e-commerce companies expand their business rapidly?

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