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Various colors powder liquid chemicals express

The company's long-term preferential agent DHL/FEDEX/TNT and other liquid international express delivery, powder international express delivery, chemical international express delivery service providers. Established in 2011, Shanghai Juyi Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has many years of operation and after-sales service experience, flexibly solves various problems for customers, has won praise from customers in Shanghai and all over the country, and is committed to providing services for Shanghai and surrounding areas and Customers and friends all over the country provide better service.

Chemicals International Express Liquid, powder, paste, granules, solid chemicals and semi-finished products (organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, organic salts, fine chemicals, chemical pesticides, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, printing and dyeing chemicals, etc. Products). Customers do not need to provide relevant inspection and identification materials, only need you to call, we will provide you with a safe and fast international express delivery solution for chemical products. Samples of chemical products can also be exported for customs declaration or real-name export. The company has a variety of express lines for you to choose from, and there is always one suitable for you.

The payment supports Alipay payment, WeChat payment or company bank transfer and other payment methods.

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