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Powder liquid export air freight
Powder liquid export air freight

Special services of Shanghai Juyi Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.:Chemical International Express, Powder and liquid export air freight, fully solve your chemical export transportation problems, Shanghai Juyi freight forwarding chemical international express for more than 6 years, has a wealth of professional experience in chemical export. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the service tenet of "sincere cooperation" and "trustworthy and win-win", and the service concept of "thinking what customers think, and what customers are anxious". It is our lifelong pursuit to provide safer and more convenient services for the export of various chemical products of our customers. Under this policy, the company has continuously introduced various professional logistics talents in the past 6 years, and has actively improved its market service system. At present, the company's agent is a green channel for chemical logistics cooperation with five major brands such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, and EMS. If you cannot provide the relevant chemical identification report, don't worry, we can help you pass the customs smoothly!

Note: The company's currently operable items are as follows:

①International express delivery of various packages, special offers;

②Chemicals: (liquid, powder, solid, granule) chemical raw materials, chemical reagents (or additives), daily chemicals, information chemicals, chemical minerals, fine chemicals, chemical fibers, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, Synthetic drugs, adhesives, coatings, pigments, dyes, food, drugs, intermediates, polymers, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, battery inks, etc. Green channel for chemical logistics, no appraisal report is required for export. You can pick up the goods in Shanghai. Customers from other places can send the goods to our company, and then our company's pickup department will take the initiative to contact you to confirm the weight and volume of the goods. Ways of freight express inquiry and freight payment methods. Time-saving chemical export! Save effort! Worry! All of the above items can be picked up at your door, online on the same day! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us for business negotiation!

The advantages of the four major express delivery companies:

1. DHL (DHL Sinotrans) international express service DHL’s international express service is a relatively common international express service, with good service, fast transit time, safety, reliability, and convenient query

2. TNT (Tiandi Logistics) International Express Service TNT’s international express service has strong customs clearance capabilities for Western Europe. The price in other European areas is low, safe, reliable, and convenient for inquiries.

3. UPS (Unified Parcel) International Express Service UPS's international express service, for students and international students, is fast, safe and reliable, and easy to inquire. The time limit to the United States is 1/2 working day

4. Fedex (Federal Express) International Express Service The international express service of Fedex has good service, fast transit time, strong customs clearance ability, safety, reliability, and convenient query

5. EMS international express service EMS international express service has a wide network and low prices. The aging is not stable. If the customer is in a hurry for international parcels, it is recommended to choose other methods.

6. International express line service International express line service, for Asia, the Middle East, Britain, France, Germany, and other countries and regions, the price is low, the timeliness is fast, safe, reliable, and the query is convenient. The company opens direct flights from Shanghai to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Fast aging. cheap price. Thank you, old and new customers, for choosing the right express for your needs. International DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT/EMS express and the company's own special lines. There is always a choice that suits you.

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