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The original name of the chemical product is exported without identification FEDEX express
The original name of the chemical product is exported without identification FEDEX express

With ten years of professional experience in international express delivery of chemicals, we can express all kinds of general chemicals (liquid, powder, solid, crystal) and more than 3 categories of chemicals abroad. Such as: fine chemicals, food, beverages, dyes, intermediates, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, agrochemicals, auxiliaries, additives, coating adhesives, polymers, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, pigments, inks, glues, etc. express delivery.

Professional chemical channels for international giant express DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT and China EMS post lines. The goods are issued with a tracking number to track the status of the goods, and the one-to-one service for you in 24 hours.

Chemical products can be exported under the original name, formally declared and shipped separately, and at the same time accepting the express service of the customer without any certification by the Institute of Chemical Industry. In addition to the chemical business, the prices of companies such as general cargo documents and heavy cargo are even more preferential, and there are special services in various countries every month.

Requirements for the outer packaging of bottled powder liquid express export

For a small amount of goods, a bottle is packed in bags, bottles, small barrels or cans, and there are special chemical barrels.

For express packaging, small containers are mainly used. For powder, it is relatively simple. First, wrap it in a bag (with an aluminum foil bag or a sealed bag). The mouth of the bottle must be strictly sealed, and then a carton will do.

*In a packing box, light and heavy items should be reasonably matched and placed for easy handling.

*The last fortress in the box should be filled with stuffing, and it should be filled with toilet paper, paper towels, small clothes, etc., to prevent the items in the box from flipping and colliding with each other during transportation and moving.

*Liquid cargo. There must be a 5-10% gap inside the container, and the cover must be flat and tight; no spills or leaks.

*Powdered goods. Ensure that the powder does not leak out.

*Precise and fragile, fragile and fragile goods.

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